A Dog's Voyage Around the World™
is a story about a pet Lifestyle Advisor and her almost Divorced Husband of 18 years marriage who takes there 4 dogs + there sister dog Prince Gomez back east to their beach home in the Hampton's for the month of AUG. when on a rainy day when the family is off in South Hampton buying supplies for the weekend party the gang of 8 dogs 4 who live back east and the 4 who come to visit for one month begin what will be known as there Voyage around the world ™. This is a funny at times thrilling, story and will be made into a Movie in the year 2012. All rights reserved under Wendy Nan Rees and have been registered to the Writers Guild of America all material is original ©2009WNR Company

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Little History Meet The Family

Hi Here I am with my Mum @ The Beach This Past Summer what a great day!

A Dog's Voyage Around The World™

Here is what we have planned for you in the next 12 months I am going to outline all of this for you of course I have a bit of help from my Mum and my Tata ( that is French slang for Auntie) Louise


I am a 6 year old Yorkshire terrier from London, England. My Great Great Great Grandfather was from Yorkshire England which is very north of the country. I was born in the city proper, a town called Chelsea also better knows to you Americans as Kensington.

When my mother was recovering from breast cancer, she told my father that she had to come to London to get me. I was just a little less than a pound and my mum and I got on a very large, what I know now, is an airplane. I didn’t know it then, but I do know now after many transatlantic flights. We are a family that travels quite a lot.

When I first got home, I was quickly introduced to my two new brothers. My oldest brother, Governor, the black lab, may God rest his soul, and Senator, the chocolate lab. It wasn’t until some years later when Governor went up to be our guardian angel that our Little Man chihuahua, who speaks Spanish and we have a little a language problem because I speak the Queens tongue. Nonetheless, we have a great time swimming in the ocean and in the pool. I hear my mum often telling people that the Labradors have webbed feet and are supposed to swim, but that I and Little Man are not supposed to swim, but are supposed to sink as we don’t have webbed feet. But let me tell you, that we live to swim and we love to go on Papa’s yacht.

Every summer, we go back East to Grandmother and Grandfathers home in the Hamptons. We spend the entire month of August there. Lucky for me, I get to fly with Mum in the cabin as always. Poor Senny, he loves his crate, but he seems to go somewhere else. He tells me it’s quite comfortable but is loud and has a hum to it. He says it doesn’t matter because he knows where he is going and he is going to the beach for a month and nothing could be finer than to be living at the beach for one month. And let me just tell you that Grandmother and Grandfather have two Labradors, Chloe and Luke, that we love to play with and our Tata Liz has a poodle named Rupert that loves to swim and go on the yacht with us too.

So, welcome to our blog. I hope you will join us for the next 12 months as we get ready to go on our voyage around the world. My mum is going to take her radio show and a camera crew with us so you will be able to hear us on the radio, and they call it VOD (video on demand) to see little things that we do at different locations around the world. My Tata Louise is going to help me with these blog entries & many Pictures as I can takeJ a couple of times a week from different places in the world and of course, while I am here in the United States. That is it for today here in sunny Los Angeles, and as we say in London, Ta-ta, Cheerio, Toodle-hoo

>Love Cappy Bows Rees


  1. Hello Cappy!

    I'll try to follow you wherever you go!

  2. We will definitely be excited to know how the trip go. We have 2 Yorkshire Terrier dogs and we are interested in learning how others travel with their dog in and out other countries.

  3. hello cappy its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow arownd the wurld!!! that is a long way!!! luckily i hav herd that the wurld is rownd and so yoo dont hav to go all the way bak agin to git home unless it terns owt the wurld is flat in wich kayse yoo mite fall off but i am shoor yoo wil be prepayrd for that with a safety parashoot ennyway if yoo do fall off the edje of the wurld can yoo say hi to the turtle for me as yoo go by him??? thanks ok bye

  4. We are going to have a BLAST!!!


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