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is a story about a pet Lifestyle Advisor and her almost Divorced Husband of 18 years marriage who takes there 4 dogs + there sister dog Prince Gomez back east to their beach home in the Hampton's for the month of AUG. when on a rainy day when the family is off in South Hampton buying supplies for the weekend party the gang of 8 dogs 4 who live back east and the 4 who come to visit for one month begin what will be known as there Voyage around the world ™. This is a funny at times thrilling, story and will be made into a Movie in the year 2012. All rights reserved under Wendy Nan Rees and have been registered to the Writers Guild of America all material is original ©2009WNR Company

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Einstein Had a Very Busy Weekend Swimming

Dear Cappy,
My parents and I had a busy weekend. We went swimming this weekend in a sheltered lagoon in Carlsbad. I was pretty frightened about all of that water; however there was a dog beach there and I made a lot of new friends. My dad swam along with me in the water and I was able to paddle around in about 2 feet of water for a minute or so. I then went walking around and explored the dog friendly town of Carlsbad. This place was very cool with many doggies everywhere. They even let me in to dinner and again at breakfast the next day. I was a very popular dog and all of these people kept coming up to me and petting me. They were all calling me something like “Cute”. I ran into a nice man who had another cousin of mine from the same Daddy! Small world!
Have a great week Cappy


  1. The guy who snarled "it's a dog's life" obviously didn't know what he was talking about. A dog's life seems wonderful to me.

  2. Yes We all have to say after talking we do think it is WONDERFUL to have our lives! Tha is a Dog's Life.
    Thank you so very much for taking the time to make a post for us boys.
    Einstein,Cappy,Gomez,Little Man and Senny

  3. Hi Einstine
    It is me Hombre Peqeno your friend Little man- I miss you I hope you are coming over this weekend to play Gomez went home yesterday untill the 18 of July then he will be back for 3 weeks.
    Love you
    Little man


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