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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog

Arf-a-roo! Thank you, Wendy for inviting me to share my story!!

I am known around the world (via the wonderful technology of the Internet!) as the "Walk 'N Roll Dog!"

In 2006 I fell and ruptured a disk in my back. This is very common in dachshunds and is known as Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD). I was only given a 10-30% chance of walking again. You can see a heart-warming video of me on our website.

My mom and papa were devastated, but they did not give up on me. After surgery and three months of physical therapy not much had changed in my little back legs. Still mom and papa didn't give up on me and opted to buy me a dog cart (I call it my little hot rod!). I can fly in this thing and can do anything!!

My mom was so inspired by me, as well as the fact I taught her that she could overcome any challenge by having a positive attitude, that she decided to write my story. And I got to help! The story is actually told by me and my mom typed the words for me on the computer. Then a really cool lady named Victoria Kay Lieffring brought our words to life with amazing illustrations that look just like me!!

Now that I have my story in a cute little book, mom and I visit our local schools and talk to children. Ok, my mom does the talking and I just stand there and look cute! We help kids see that they too can overcome their own challenges by looking at things in a positive way!

I also started my own blog so kids around the world can follow and learn from me! Hot-diggity dog!!

I'm also a registered therapy dog with Therapy Dogs, Inc. Once a month I visit a senior assisted facility where many of the residents have Alzheimer's or dementia. I make them laugh and smile. I also visit our local hospital as well as Sharon S. Richardson Hospice.

In February 2009 I was inducted into the Wisconsin Pet Hall of Fame as a companion dog. Most recently I was chosen as the official mascot for National Disabled Pets Day which was founded by Colleen Paige of Animal Miracle Network. I am so honored to have been given both these prestigious honors!!

It is an honor to share my story and bring positive awareness to all animals with special needs. We really can live a quality life if given a chance and we can bring many blessings to the lives of those that take us in and care for us.

My mom said she has found so much joy in having me in her life... I love her alot and love to make her smile, as well as making others smile too.

If you'd like to help me raise money for animals who need a dog cart but may not be able to get one, I am doing a special fund raiser this month in celebration of my 10th birthday!! At no cost to you, you can follow me via Twitter or Facebook, my blog, or sign up for my updates on our website, and we will donate $25.00 for every 50 new followers to Handicapped Pets Foundation.
We will also be donating a portion of book sales to this fund too if you'd like a copy of my book, Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog.
As a last note, I'd like to share my motto, which I share with everyone that I can: "Always be positive and keep on rolling!!"

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