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is a story about a pet Lifestyle Advisor and her almost Divorced Husband of 18 years marriage who takes there 4 dogs + there sister dog Prince Gomez back east to their beach home in the Hampton's for the month of AUG. when on a rainy day when the family is off in South Hampton buying supplies for the weekend party the gang of 8 dogs 4 who live back east and the 4 who come to visit for one month begin what will be known as there Voyage around the world ™. This is a funny at times thrilling, story and will be made into a Movie in the year 2012. All rights reserved under Wendy Nan Rees and have been registered to the Writers Guild of America all material is original ©2009WNR Company

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Cappy the traveling Terrier™Foods That Will Upset Your Stomach

Happy Thanksgiving Cappy the traveling Terrier™
Foods That Will Upset Your Stomach

Good Old Senator AKA Senny

Little Lady

Prince Gomez

Little Man

GOOD MORNING MY FINE FURRY FRIENDS Lord Captain Bowes Rees Cappy the traveling Terrier
Lord Captain Bowes Rees Dutifully reporting in about our
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones! We wish for everyone to have a great day. We are counting our blessings today and giving thanks for our family and all the wonderful things in our lives.

The Prince of Morocco Gomez is hosting our thanksgiving Dinner today at his new castle and we are more than excited to be going there to eat our feast. With more than 65 hectors of rolling green grass for us to run and play on to build up our appetites on we will be thinking about our furry friends less fortunate than us and we will be taking a moment to break and to give thanks. Lord Captain Bowes Rees & his Friends lend a paw ©2009
We wish you and your family a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving.
Thank you for helping us to get ready for our voyage around the world we leave this coming summer. Remember my Furry Friends to stay away from the Foods That Will Upset Your Stomach I have put a list together for you and try not to over eat we can tend to do that I know Senny never know when to stop.

1. Never feed us furry Fido Friends from the table and this is no different than any other time of the year, we like to eat our meals with our friends just so long as they do not steel our food and they have manners as my extended family does. When we all get together and have a feast like today the only Dog that must eat alone is Senny that is because he is just such a fast eater that he finishes first and then comes by to sit and wait with drool dripping down his side mouth, which then makes us all feel guilty so we all run to give him our meals. Then one of our parents come in to say “Oh no Senny all ready ate” so he tricked us again to get a second, third, fourth and fifth meal. That is why Senny eats alone now.
2. Know what human foods will kill myself and my furry Fido Friends and what food that will make us dogs very sick foods, such as turkey bones , skin, grapes, raisins, chocolate, and onions, can be killer for us dogs. If you want us dogs to be a part of the feasting, consider buying us a special dog treats or share a small piece of white turkey meat, dark turkey meat, sweat potatoes, peas and any other veggies but make sure the seasoning is safe! Remember NO onions
3. Your trash is more than like to be over flowing at the holidays and this is just too tempting for us Fido food loving friends so please if ever a time to be diligent about your trash it is now!! Secure the garbage! The scents coming from the trash can are just as tempting as those coming from the dinner table, but dangerous objects, such as Turkey Bones, string, and pop-up timers, are often attached to those tasty scraps.
4. Please make sure all our dog tags are up to date, registered and you can read them. Please then make sure you have made them well attached.
5. Please if you have should have a visitor that feel shy then make a safe room for them in your home away from all the festivals so they feel safe and they too can have a happy time. Make up there den and let them hang out in it.
6. Take a ton of great family Pictures with us Fido friendly pets we always remember what a great time we had with each other.
7. Write in your journal
8. Please let your guest know about us Fido Friendly Pets and never let us slide out the door or window.
9. Always have our vets phone number up where everyone can see it and the poison control number and if our vet is not a 24/7 emergency then be sure to have that number
10. If on this Holiday you should come across a lost doggie or cat please bring him/her to a safe NO KILL shelter and be sure to call every local pet rescue you can find. I am sure you would want the same if your doggie was missing.
11. Know the signs when we do not feel well for example when I am experiencing diarrhea, vomiting, or displaying other unusual behaviors, this sometimes means I may have ingested something harmful. Seek medical assistance immediately if you become concerned. I cannot use the same words you use but we seem to communicate very well most of the time so just keep a close eye out for my well being and I will do the same for you at all times- I think this is why they say we are Best Friends!!

Oh and the simple fact I just LOVE my mum!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

That is it for today here in sunny(about 100 ° here or feel like it to me )Los Angeles, and as we say in London, Ta-ta, Cheerio,
Love Cappy Bowes Rees

Little Lady , Lord Captain and Little Man

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