A Dog's Voyage Around the World™
is a story about a pet Lifestyle Advisor and her almost Divorced Husband of 18 years marriage who takes there 4 dogs + there sister dog Prince Gomez back east to their beach home in the Hampton's for the month of AUG. when on a rainy day when the family is off in South Hampton buying supplies for the weekend party the gang of 8 dogs 4 who live back east and the 4 who come to visit for one month begin what will be known as there Voyage around the world ™. This is a funny at times thrilling, story and will be made into a Movie in the year 2012. All rights reserved under Wendy Nan Rees and have been registered to the Writers Guild of America all material is original ©2009WNR Company

Paws who help out

From time to time, you'll find my dog friends here posting other helpful dog information, along with updates about me and my mom's travels, books and movie coming out !! Woof Woof

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lend Your Paw to help Other Paws In need ™©2010

How We lend Our Paws,
As we come across them, we report on exceptional pet stores and web sites and talk about where to find the latest pet accessories, foods and much more! Each week Our Doggies Friends along with Little man and Me Cappy will brings you useful tips on how to peacefully coexist with your Human Owners. Features include pet’s in the news, special guests, and anything else us Dogs feel they want to talk about!

This is a safe place for us Dog’s, Cat's and any other Animal who would like to lend a word or two!

As strong advocates of socially-responsible Dogs, Little Man & Cappy Believe a long with regular health checkups that the community of pet owners, numbering in the tens of millions in America alone, feels compassion and concern for their animals, is something the Humans may want to hear right out of our BARKS!!! Many of our Friends have devoted their lives to helping lost, displaced, endangered or abused and Handicap Humans.

LM & Cappy’s goal is: to be informative, fun and the safest Blog for Dogs and Other Animals to talk! In the world at large because the Internet knows no geographic boundaries, we take personal pride in satisfying our thirst for knowledge in how to become a better and more informed Dogs & Animals.

Our Motto: Lord captain Bowes Rees and his brother Little Man Lends their paws to help those paws in need” ©CBR&LM 2009

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