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Thursday, April 14, 2011

A New Virus Has Hit Little man is here To help His friends

I was sick but Today I am all Better!
Of course cappy has to remind every few minutes just how much he really loves me!
WOOF WOOF even the good Lord captains Bowes Rees has a Heart!

This virus comes out of the blue and they don't know how it is spreading. Our dog had not been to the park of the vet in some time, so it is a mystery how it began. It is a frightening virus because there is a ton of internal blood leakage out of the the anus -- much more than from a burst hemorrhoid or something of the like.
If you get any strange symptoms, know what a healthy dog’s vital statistics should be. This is something you really must know for many reasons. For example as I learned just this past Friday April 8, 2011 with my dog "Little Man", these basic facts will help you know immediately the seriousness (OR NOT) of the problem you are dealing with. I have listed vital statistics below.
The Symptoms of the Strange New Virus That is a KILLER
I was first alerted to my "Little Man" not feeling well by coming home to a room full of Vomit and Blood everywhere but where did that come from? The vomit was basically clear so the blood was not coming from his front end and that left only one area. Yes the behind!
Now I noticed Little Man (A Chihuahua at 5.9 pounds) very cold, his gums were white, and we gave him fluids some meds to see what would happen within four hours. But the blood was beginning now projectiling out every time he went to drink wanted. Out came blood at this point at alarming amounts.
We rushed to our vet's office and within one hour they came to tell me they have done all they could for my little man with anti-diarrhea and anti-vomit medication. I learned that in the last eight days six other much bigger dogs had come in with this very new virus not known to our vet. They do not have anything they can do yet but suggesting forcing fluids to fight dehydration, your biggest enemy. To give fluids we were now giving Little man water by a syringe every hour and anti-vomit medicine and of course anti diarrhea medicine they also told me to bring him home if anyone was going to bring this small fighter back from the brink of death door that it would be his family!!
What was so frightening is they told me “Wendy this is a very new virus which we have not even named as of today.” It has now been 36 hours and we now have zero blood for the last 24 hours but he will not take any food or water on his own. Dogs can live without food but I am giving him a syrup of vitamins and other fatty acids he needs to live by a syringe every three hours and giving him water also by a syringe every one hour. At the hospital they gave him fluids under his skin and that only made him colder yet helped to also save his life at eight years old. I am a fighter along with my Little man!
I am posting this blog to help others to learn the early symptoms of this new virus right away so that we all may have a fighting chance to save our dog’s lives
Dogs’ Vital Statistics:
Take your dog's temperature under normal conditions to get a baseline temperature for comparison, in case they get sick or get disabled.
Pulse and Heart Rate, Normal resting rates:
Small dogs: 90-120 bpm (beats per minute)
Medium dogs 70-110 bpm
Large dogs: 60-90 bpm
Pulse should be strong, regular and easy to locate in their arms, neck or rest your ear right on the heart if you must.
Thermometers for puts are used anally and are available everywhere and are not expensive. the dog doesn't even feel it. A thermometer can save you costly trips to the vet, or get you to the vet faster by helping you know there is a real problem. I have put a low priced thermometer from a good company through AMAZON right after this article:
Normal temperature for dogs ranges from: 98 to 102.5 degrees. Thermometer should be almost clean when removed. Abnormalities are indicated by blood, diarrhea, or black, tarry stool.
* If you prefer to purchase a ready-made first aid kit, good choices include:
Medi Pet Deluxe First Aid Kit found below also.
The, Hiker First Aid Kit for Canines
If someone is taking care of your pet while you're gone: show them where you place the, first-, aid kit and veterinary records, your veterinarian and emergency animal hospital info, how to contact you, and the name and phone number of a friend or relative in case you are unavailable. In addition, let your vet know in advance who you have authorized to take your pet to the vet in your absence, and that you will pay for any emergency visit.
Those who have faced emergencies can see it is necessary to get your first aid kit together and become acquainted with it first-aid measures BEFORE you are confronted with an accident, emergency or sudden illness. Many situations require fast and appropriate action to prevent further injury, infection or death. So assemble a, first-aid kit now, so that you’ll be ready when your pet needs immediate help (see Below)

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