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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rocky Gives New Meaning to “Top Dog” at The Real Estate Consultants

June 25, 2011

Rocky Gives New Meaning to “Top Dog” at The Real Estate Consultants

The Real Estate Consultants headquartered in Westchester, California has many

Top Performing Real Estate Agents covering the Westside Their broker, Phil Gilboy got the surprise of his day when one particular French Bulldog, Rocky, owned by one of his agents, Ilisa Gillmer decided to make himself “Top Dog” of his office by taking over the front desk for the day! His owner had just come in to do some quick paperwork and had asked the receptionist to watch Rocky for a few minutes. Danielle put him in her lap, but Rocky was having “none of this”! He jumped on the front desk to see how it feels to be running the company for the day! Rocky, who accompanies Ilisa all over West LA, is her “silent partner” but does help promote and market her real estate business. He has become well known all over Marina Del Rey and the Westside as a happy go lucky working dog.

Besides helping her in marketing real estate, he is an official therapy dog and visits a day care dementia clinic each week and also entertains children at the Boys and Girls Club, Ronald MacDonald Home and Senior homes. We all know the healing power of owning animals and Ilisa makes sure to share his special smile and gifts with the community around her.

Ilisa truly believes that dogs make a huge difference in helping people get well, stay calm and be happy. In these challenging past few years and economic times, Rocky has given Ilisa a platform to entertain people and put them in good spirits. She even extends his help to the homeless in Venice, California. She wishes to encourage all of you that own an animal to seriously consider making them a therapy dog so they may be of service to others in need. By doing this, it gives perspective of how lucky we truly are and how we may be of help to people in more troubled situations. The dementia patients actually remember Rocky and come out of their shells. She sees

An improvement in their cognitive skills They ask me about Rocky and recall events that happened many months ago while interacting with him. One woman reminded me that I forgot to give them photos of Rocky at Halloween and that was 6 months later!

If this weren’t enough to keep Rocky busy, he is also selling his own greeting cards in local stores in Marina del Rey (Charla’s Place), has his own blog and is in show business. He has done photo shoots with Zac Ephron, Chicos Clothing Store and pursuing a future TV show with Animal Planet. A few years ago he was on the national TV show “Dog Tales”. You may view him at http://www.rockytheangeltherapydog.blogspot.com./

We hope this gives you some ideas of how to better utilize your pets to be of service to others and create a positive difference in your community!

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