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Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Dog’s Voyage Travel Spot™



Summer traditionally begins June 21 yet here in sunny ca seem to always be summer. Yet for the most part summer begging for the rest of us on Labor Day weekend. In Los Angeles, ca we had temperature of over 102° last weekend and the whole week was over 100°.

Changing weather colder or hotter can make a huge difference for our dogs if done suddenly. For example my cousins they go every Summer for 15 weeks to their Summer home in Canada on the lake which is great they drive for 3 days with stops with three boys and three dogs all love it swimming playing but it gets clod at night and it takes everybody a few days to adjust What is important here is to plan ahead for both you and your dogs to bring a sweater for a small dog and if you have big dog then bring a nice warm bed and blanket for them to get cozy and no matter how much your dog would like to swim all day the fact is they most likely indoors all winter long unless you were lucky enough to have them outside with you skiing or living in one of the sunshine States. Then most likely your dog just like yourself will need to build up there stamina and fitness. The best thing you can do is to increases there actives a little bit everyday and then be sure to walk them out every morning and every night to help keep them from building up the lactic acid in there muscles. the first few days they want to jump right in and swim till they heart is content they probably are not quite When we travel with our pets we are also not just taking them on a trip with us but we are also taking them out of there climate environment that they are used to and not giving them any time to gradually adjust to the weather changes. Think about it. Have you ever noticed how sometimes when we go on air planes we get sick from all that stale airplane air? Well how do you think your little lap dog is doing? He/she is breathing the same air and if you have a large big dog in cargo if flying or in a car that is better but still there is going to be a climate fit enough so you need to gradually help them out a bit by slowly helping them to get fit without getting hurt or catching a clog. Our dogs need to acclimate just like we need to and we are there care takers. So it is up to us to look out for our little travelers. Dogs love to travel with us and if your dog is not the best traveler at first then he or she can learn how to become the best traveler I will teach you how to have the best little traveler in this series. For today let’s stick with transitions.

When you have big tempura changes and it goes from 102° down to 62° for the high with rain and even a few tornados and hail the size of golf balls. because unlike us our dogs need to shed there winter coat need to get fit from a long winter of lounging around and they need to also be brought up to dates with there vaccinations, all the medications, ID tag, also to be prepared for all the parasites or other health risks native to your home or if you have a summer place you move to or if you are bring Fido with you to your destination. It is also important where you live or where you may be traveling to. One major Law now effect in many states CA being one of them. It is against the law to leave any kind of pet in a locked vehicle of any kind, even with a window open. Just to remind you that any car on a sunny day can be at least 20 - 35° degrees hotter inside and lead to your dog getting heat stroke and dieing with in 10 -15 minutes on a hot day! Please never leave you dog in a untended car ever it is not fair to them and at the end of the day you will feel so sad and bad should your dog pass away in the car something you easily could of prevented. Only take Fido along with you when you know you will be in the car at all times and you are going to dentations like the beach, park or the vets.

Here are a few simple reminders for you to have a check list here to help you and your dog have a wonderful healthy and fun summer.

1. Make time to take Fido to the groomer weather it is to get there summer hair cut or just simply to help you with the shedding of the winter fur. This way the groomer can help you move along the process a bit faster and to think less hair all over your house. They can also cut there nails and give the ears a good deep clean. Then if you love to bath your dog at home and after swimming as I do you are set for sometime. I usually have the boys professionally groomed 2-3 times in the summer. Mostly to help me with keeping the nails short.

2 It is always a good idea to make time to have a wellness visit with your vet. If you are traveling with your dog then you will need a health certificate if you are flying and I personally like to travel with a health certificate even when we are driving I have been at some hotels that have asked for them so I always make the habit if the boys are traveling with me to have a health certificate with me and please note they are only good for 30 days so if you are going to be away for longer please make sure you know a vet where you are going so when it comes times to come back home you can get another health certificate.

3While at the vet’s office if you are not bring your dog then you will need to make sure they are up to date on all of there

Vaccinations and any medications they take. Don’t forget to ask if they are health risks native to your destination, for example Heart worm or Lime disease.

4. It is a good idea to look at your dogs collars and name ID tags make sure they are readable and still in good shape. If you are going to your summer home or somewhere for a long time it is a good idea to have ID tags made for that destination also. This way you know your dog are safe. Be sure to include your cell phone number on the tags so you can be reached at all times. I always use my cell number on my tags even at home this way they can reach me at all times.

5Be sure to bring plenty of fresh drinking water for your dogs weather it is the car or by plane when you land they are going to be thirsty and it is a good idea to have the water they are used to start the trip off without any stomach problems.

6. If flying be sure your crate is approved by the USDA and FAA I like the Varri Kennel, they come in many sizes. To pick the right size make sure your dog can stand up and turn around but you do not want to have too much room just enough to stand and turn to lye down. Remember to write your pets name in big letters with your address both home and where you are going. Make sure you show which side is up and please write live animal on top also.

7. Bring a few large towels weather it is the car , boat or flying you just never know and again it is nice to have them with you.

8Have your travel first-aid kit with you at all times.

9Have an extra collar and leash with there stainless steel bowels.

10Please to remember to have your fleas protection on your dog and bring extra along with you too.

Most of all I wish for all of you to have a fun and healthy summer to enjoy your dogs to the fullest on those great summer days and cool nights to walk , play ball and just love each other.

We custom make passport at A Dog’s Voyage Travel Spot™

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Please be sure to bring with you a valid Health certificate

Valid shot record

Visa paper work if needed/ unless in advance using our services to have us helps you gets the Visa

Address and phone number of the Vet in the country or city of where you are going

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See our web site for full instructions


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