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Friday, January 15, 2010

VERY Exciting News from my Mums Special Friend

Time for my bone and then to bed....but before I go I wanted to let you in on a great news story from a very special friend of my mum, mike.

Our World

Every year I ask just like many of us do…… what can I, one person do to make a difference?

This year I’ve decided to do something about it, I’m going to make that difference. I will show that just one person with the help and support of all the people who are reading this, their family and friends that in fact together working as a team we can and will make that difference, so here goes…..

Yes, we all know that currently the world over is experiencing economic hardship – more commonly known to you and I as the “Credit Crunch” and not to mention the severity of our Winter weather but these harsh times will end and it’s inevitable that the future will become brighter and these past turbulent years will be written into our history!

The future of “Our World” is in the hands of our Children it is our Children who will care for us as we grow older, it is our Children who will write our laws and bring prosperity and freedom to our lands, but lets not forget there are many children out there in fact millions who need our help, help in helping them to gain the knowledge and understanding of “Our World” a world which is fast becoming as one, thanks to our modern day science and technologies. Who would have thought as little as 20 years ago or even 10, maybe 5 years that today you and I could see and play games with our friends living thousands of miles away in America, China etc.. from our living room in our own homes or from the airplane which can take us around “Our World” in a matter of a single day! I want to use this technology to reach out to everyone and help bring together the people of our world, people who can and will help make that difference to those who need it the most, our Children.

There are Children who do not have the same opportunities that our children may have, they do not enjoy the same comforts as we may have and most of all they may not have the essentials of food, shelter and basic education which we all take so much for granted. So this brings me to my one-wish aim. I want to raise £1,000,000 ($1,500,000) to start a building program to build a school for the less privileged Children in as many continents of “Our World” as possible starting in Africa, then on to the America’s, Asia and more… I would like to equip these schools with the modern technologies that will help the Children achieve their own goals, which in turn will lead to a better world for everyone no matter of their race, colour or creed and bring unity to all!

I am certainly under no illusion, this will be a mammoth undertaking but all I can say I will certainly give it my best as I believe with all your help, advice and working closely as a team we will and can achieve this and more for the benefit of the less privileged Children of “Our World” our future!

You can help me to help others in many ways;

Simply by making a small donation, for example:

1) Advice,
2) Building Services,
3) Clothes,
4) Land,
5) Money,
6) Skills,
7) Technology,
8) The list is endless….


Simply help by just telling this story to your family and friends.

I believe it only takes for someone to have the courage and the goal to take the first important step. You and I may only be one individual or corporation but with your help and your family and friends help this one-wish will become a reality for many…..

I stress there is no obligation what-so-ever, as my greatest reward is that so many should approve and participate in the project, and so feel that they want to spread 'the word' with mentions to family, friends etc. However for those wishing to make a contribution towards my one-wish aim, your generosity is much appreciated, and is made easy and secure by quite simply clicking on the 'Donate' button on
one-wish.co.uk .

Alternatively if you would like to pledge your support or donation please simply complete the short form on

I plan to publish a book and an online version listing every person or company who generously makes a donation to “Our World” no matter how large or small that donation may be, every little will count. Everyone will have an option to have just their name listed or their name and donation or they can remain totally anonymous if they like. A copy of the book will be given to each school to be kept forever, to remind all who may visit of the generosity and goodwill of the people of our world.

My Philosophy on life is simple, if I can help to make someone’s life easier, happier and fulfilling for at least one day, then this alone is good enough for me, why complicate life. Tomorrow is not a guarantee for anyone, but if I’m lucky enough to be here then let me make a difference, no matter how small that difference may be. Always remember one thing, life is a gift and is for living, live it to its fullest everyday! I believe I am who I am because of everyone, not just because of who I am.

Please help me to help others.

If you would like to know more please don’t hesitate to contact me at ourworld@one-wish.co.uk

I would like to thank each and every one of you who has taken the time to read my one-wish aim “Our World”. Thank you.


Lord Captain Bowes Rees & his Friends lend a paw to help those Paws in need please if you are able to lend your paw to help too©2010 CBR ,WNR & MR

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