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is a story about a pet Lifestyle Advisor and her almost Divorced Husband of 18 years marriage who takes there 4 dogs + there sister dog Prince Gomez back east to their beach home in the Hampton's for the month of AUG. when on a rainy day when the family is off in South Hampton buying supplies for the weekend party the gang of 8 dogs 4 who live back east and the 4 who come to visit for one month begin what will be known as there Voyage around the world ™. This is a funny at times thrilling, story and will be made into a Movie in the year 2012. All rights reserved under Wendy Nan Rees and have been registered to the Writers Guild of America all material is original ©2009WNR Company

Paws who help out

From time to time, you'll find my dog friends here posting other helpful dog information, along with updates about me and my mom's travels, books and movie coming out !! Woof Woof

Friday, March 19, 2010

Danny The Dog Nanny Here

Mr. Danny Pat
Danny the Dog Nanny - Who works full time taking care of the Rees's 5 Dog's
Out doing his scent work!

Hi Boys & Girls,

Danny the Dog Nanny here- I have just one safety tip for the Spring weekend ahead with all this wonderful warm weather coming into a town near you, please try to remember your Dog's have had a long Winter of being indoors so please be sure to have your

  1. Name Tags up to date

  2. A new/ or in great shape working leash

  3. Check to make sure after a long winter all the collars are working and fit well that is us Dogs did not gain too much winter Fat and you can fit two fingers flat in between our necks and the collars BUT make sure our collars cannot come off over our heads when pulling like I am known to do from time to time or slip out any other way!

  4. keep the trash closed extra tight with warm Weather the smell of I hate to say this out loud but Rotting food us Dog's just LOVE:)
  5. Spring is a great time to check all the smoke alarms around your home. Once you know they are working here is how to up keep them.
  6. Make sure that you keep them in working order, smoke alarms will help to keep you and your pet safe.

    7. Test your smoke alarm(s) once a month and change the battery at least two times a year.

    8. Keep you smoke alarm in top working order by cleaning it with a vacuum cleaner.

    9. Be safe when testing your smoke alarm. Use a broom handle to test those hard to reach smoke alarms.

10. Please be sure all the ANIMALS and yes your Dog's are out of the room you are teating as they can hear & smell so much better than all you Humans.

11. HAVE FUN HAVE FUN HAVE FUN!! All We Want Is Love, Love, Love, Play, Play and yes Food!!


As my Little Brithish Lord cappy always say

"“Remember Lord captain Bowes Rees Lends his paw to help those paws in need please Lend your paw to help other paws in need” ©CBR&WNR 2009
That is it for today here in sunny Los Angeles, and as we say in London, Ta-ta, Cheerio,
Love Mr. Danny Pat The Dog Nanny
Lord Captain Bowes Rees & his Friends lend a paw ©2009WNR & CBR

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